Hospitality and Tourism

Careers in the leisure and tourism sectors are hugely varied – from managing a sports center or luxury hotel, to organizing adventure holidays or managing the logistics for a major exhibition. Univerity courses in the field are equally diverse, allowing students to master the professional skills needed for success in leisure and tourism careers, as well as gaining specialized knowledge and relevant practical experience.

Hospitality and Leisure Management

Here are the top Hospitality Management Universitities of the world.

Top Hospitality Universities in the World

One thing all leisure and tourism careers have in common is a focus on people, hospitality and customer service. To be successful in a leisure and tourism role, you’ll need to be able to communicate effectively with different kinds of people, be able to multitask, think on your feet and handle challenges calmly and effectively.

A bachelor’s degree in leisure and tourism lasts for three or four years, depending on where you are doing it. At master’s level, studies will last one or two years. The course will typically be delivered through a combination of lectures, seminars, workshops and small-group tutorials.

One distinguishing element of leisure and tourism degrees is the importance placed on opportunities to gain first-hand experience; this is recognized as hugely beneficial for graduates going on to pursue leisure and tourism careers. Thus, most courses will feature organized field trips, traineeships and work placements. Assessment methods usually include coursework, exams, presentations and work portfolios.

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